1What does a primary care physician do?
A primary healthcare physician treats conditions holistically to guarantee your general well-being. Dr Noeth coordinates all aspects of health, including the patient’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. As a qualified physician, she will examine her patient, listen to their questions, answer any questions related to their symptoms, treat conditions and refer them to a specialist when required.
2Why do I need to go to a physician?
A physician will get to know more about you, your medical history and your family history of medical conditions. By maintaining a long-standing relationship with a physician, you can reduce your medical, out-of-pocket costs, your visits to the ER and hospital and manage chronic conditions better.
3If I rarely get sick, do I still need to have a primary care physician on standby?
Fortunately, a primary care physician can identify conditions in their early stages and prevent further health decline. Dr Noeth conducts vital imaging tests, refers samples for laboratory testing and measures your blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Furthermore, she ensures your immunisations are up-to-date to prevent future health-related complications.
4What can I discuss with my physician, Dr Noeth?
You can be open and honest with Dr Noeth about your symptoms. She will enquire about the medications you are taking and discuss the necessary health and lifestyle changes that need to be made.
5How often should I see my physician for a physical check-up?
Attending regular check-ups is an excellent way of managing your health. A physical exam at least every year is a great preventative measure against ill health.